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Anyone who has been on this journey to self-determination, self-governance and remedy knows there are many arenas of “law”, including admiralty, commercial, common, equity, trust law, and on and on; it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees and not get mired in a pigeonhole with a limited perspective; resources presented here stands above all systems of man's law and transcends to the law of the Most High; in my opinion, this is the best place to start, but you not only have to KNOW who you are, you gotta claim it!

There are two people promoting jon little's approach to law – the man, gregory paul (UK based) with Law for Mankind and the woman, jennifer goodwin (uSA based) with Law Common to i; much of the knowledge shared, the basis, is mostly identical in both; the differences you will find will be mainly in delivery, associated communities (i really like the Alpha Vedic community greg is affiliated with), and the nuances personality wise; both discuss the three notice process.

Law for Mankind - Free Offers & Info
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