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A Very Good Question to Ask Yourself…

Law Common to i - Free Webinar Offer
So much to unlearn and relearn - even our vocabulary and words have been co-opted by the world manipulators; you must learn to speak and write properly again if you wish to hold your own court where you stand at the top of the totem pole, not the bottom;

Law Common to i - Free Webinar Offer

At Court or In Court? Which Court is the Best Court?

Jennifer shares some excellent infographics showing how the concept of “law common to i” would work, such as this one illustrating on the left hand side a man or woman who knows who they are and knows how to enforce their law, versus on the right, where men and women are hoodwinked into believing they are victims, subject to the whims of their “public servants” as if they are infants;

Law Common to i - Free Webinar Offer

Three Notice Process

In using this approach, templates are not advised; does the Lord, in whose image men and women are made, rely upon templates to effect His Law? Are we not his children, made in his image? You are a creator, and the most effective notices come from your own body, mind, soul and spirit after you have taken in this knowledge;

Law Common to i - Free Webinar Offer
Law Common to i - Free Webinar Offer
i am a woman who sometimes acts as sovereign #donttreadonme
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