Self-Governance Definition

Our Self-governance definition is as follows: self-governance is the inherent right and capability of individuals to govern themselves, guided by the principles of natural law. It recognizes that people possess an innate understanding of right and wrong, derived from their human nature and reason, rather than from the constructs of any man-made laws or decrees.

From the perspective of natural law, which seeks to align the laws of mankiind with moral principles found in nature, self-governance is not just a right but a duty. It is the expression of your innate liberty to direct your own life, make decisions for your welfare, and pursue your legitimate interests without unjust interference. This means living in accordance with the ethical imperatives that natural law dictates: respect for the inherent dignity and rights of all individuals, the pursuit of the common good, and the fulfillment of your personal and societal obligations.

In the context of seeking freedom from tyranny, self-governance stands as a bulwark against oppression.

Tyranny is the unjust use of power, often violating these natural laws and rights. By embracing self-governance, you assert your natural rights against such tyranny. It empowers you to claim your autonomy, participate actively in decisions that affect your life, and collaborate with others to form communities and societies that respect and protect the natural rights and freedoms of all.

In practical terms, self-governance begins with self-mastery – the discipline to act in accordance with reason and virtue, and extends to the participation in or establishment of governance structures that reflect the natural law principles, ensuring freedom, justice, and peace for all.”

By explaining self-governance from a natural law perspective, it links the man or woman's quest for freedom to a broader ethical and philosophical context, offering both a justification for seeking freedom from tyranny and a framework for achieving it.

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